About Me

©Chance McLaren 2014_Dre Environmental Portrait (4 of 4)

I am a music producer born and raised in DFW, Tx. I found my passion for music at an early age in life. Like many others in the world my favorite artist was Micheal Jackson whom I loved to imitate daily. I was introduced to Hip Hop when I first heard Bone Thugs N Harmony’s “Crossroads” then became infatuated with their fast rapping skills. I wanted to be a rapper and then began attempting to imitate that rhyme scheme.

Later in life, I was introduced to a pen and table and the magic that can be created with a little rhythm and a beat. Many days at school during lunch hour, I would gather all my friends that rapped and I would make beats with his hands and pens. It was a new found love for sound and production that grew into beat making on the infamous production program “Fruity Loops” or what’s known today as FL Studio. I made my first real recorded beat at the age of 13.

 Now at 28 years old I go by the alias Lonestar and strive to be one of the best hip hop and RnB producers in the industry. About 2 years ago I chose to expand my musical abilities and being a full time student at The Art Institute of Seattle, I have chosen to make engineering the leading part of my musical career. I changed my home basement to a fully functioning studio called Southern Influence Studios. This has really become a huge part of not only my life but my family’s as well. With this studio, I plan to be the #1 go-to studio in my city and all the surrounding cities as well. So far, I have brought in tons of local artist and have helped them tremendously with getting a commercial quality without them paying tens of thousands of dollars to do so. I would call that a success in my eyes.


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